Peyton’s Learning Place is proud to offer parents a safe, nurturing environment that fosters learning through discovery for children from six weeks to school age.

Purpose. It is our goal at Peyton’s Learning Place to create an environment that is full of purpose for children. We will accomplish this mission through daily affirmations, prayers, moral and ethical teachings. We also provide opportunities for staff and families to grow through the positive environment and open invites to onsite training and in the community.

Legacy. We strive to create a legacy for our families. What this means to us is that through PLP, a strong foundation can be laid for the children that attend our facility. We hope that as they grow, what has been repeated day after day will become important throughout their future.

Passion. At PLP, we care for children with passion. The employees that we invite into our environment possess, and acquire a love for teaching that is energetic and creative. This is accomplished by regular staff meetings and training that fill the room with teamwork and positive energy. Our curriculum, called High scope is filled with activities that are hands-on. We will strive to become a daily enrichment for employees and families that include education in all subjects as well as Christian teachings.

Additionally, Peyton’s Learning Place is part of Early Learning Academies (ELA) family, a growing network of trusted early childhood learning centers led by a team of seasoned and committed childcare professionals.


Our program is designed to create a Christian environment where children will feel comfortable to explore the world around them. They will have daily opportunities to learn a variety of skills and build self-confidence by creating their own experiences as well as by being guided by their teachers. We believe that children need to feel competent in order to learn and grow within themselves as well as with others. Parents are the primary role models and caregivers for their children. As teachers we want to work with the guardians of these children in order to provide an environment and routine that works well for every child as an individual.


The importance of quality teachers cannot be overstated. In addition to their warmth and sensitivity to the needs of young children, our teachers and assistants are carefully chosen for their experience and training in the fields of early childhood education and child development. Continuous education and participation in early childhood organizations help our staff stay abreast of the latest developments in childhood education.

As a fully licensed childcare center, our teachers are all trained in First-Aid and CPR and have undergone state background checks.



When your little one is in our care, you never need to worry about their safety! Peyton's Learning Place puts safety first. We utilize secure sign-in/out technology that provides our staff with real-time attendance information. Our childcare system, Smartcare, also allows us to notify parents immediately of any urgent situations. All entrances are monitored by staff or cameras and require passcodes or QR codes for entry. Additionally, staff participate in regular emergency preparedness training and drills.
Outdoor Play Spaces

Outdoor Play Spaces

We believe play is a vital element in a child’s learning experience. It is a medium for self-expression and helps develop their individual thinking processes. Our inspiring and safe outdoor spaces provide a dynamic setting for children to learn how to build their interpersonal skills.